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Zambian ARTS Publications stands out as Zambia’s premier book publishing, marketing, and distribution agency, serving a diverse clientele that extends beyond the borders of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola, South Africa, the UK, the USA, and numerous other countries.

Our Services

Are you in search of book publishing or marketing services? Explore the range of offerings provided by Zambian ARTS Publications and discover how we can meet your specific needs in a more affordable way.

Book Publishing

Specializing in book publishing, we excel in preparing works for authors and connecting them with readers with utmost effectiveness and efficiency. Choose to publish your books with us for a seamless and successful experience.

Book Marketing

We specialize in marketing and selling books for both local and international authors, establishing a crucial link between them and their readers to significantly boost sales. Choose to sell your books with us today and witness the power of effective book marketing.

Book Launch Events

We specialize in organizing exclusive and impactful book launches designed to benefit our authors and drive book sales directly to them.


Explore a captivating selection of books by talented authors across diverse genres. Available for instant download or order now.

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