FAQs- The COPPA Book Awards

The COPPA Book Awards are among Zambia’s most esteemed book recognition programs, renowned for their competitive nature and commitment to merit-based selection. This page aims to address common inquiries regarding The COPPA Book Awards.

Is The COPPA Book Awards a Government Program?
The COPPA Book Awards Initiative is not a government program. However, the organizers collaborate closely with government-related offices to ensure its success.

Will Finalists Buy Tickets To The Ceremony This Year?
This year, finalists will receive complimentary tickets to the ceremony as special guests. However, community members will need to purchase tickets to attend the event.

What’s The Venue For This Year’s COPPA Book Awards?
The venue for The COPPA Book Awards 2024 will be officially announced on March 20, 2024. It is important to note that the event is scheduled to take place on May 31, 2024.

Is The COPPA Book Awards Affiliated To A Publishing House?
The COPPA Book Awards program is not affiliated with any specific publishing house. However, it collaborates closely with willing publishing houses to achieve its goals and promote local authorship. Over time, it has partnered with several local publishing houses to further its mission.

How Much Does The COPPA Book Awards Pay Winners?
The COPPA Book Awards does not offer a fixed prize amount to its winners; the value of prizes varies annually based on the number of sponsors participating that year. Please note that The COPPA Book Awards Initiative is not your investment; the initiative’s value lies not in direct monetary gains but in the prestige, connections, and recognition it affords.

Why Does The COPPA Book Awards Charge for Voting?
The COPPA Book Awards implements a non-refundable K2 fee per vote during the voting stage to cover minor expenses incurred by the board during this phase.

How Many Times Can One Nominate or Vote for Their Favourite Author?
There is no limit to the number of times this can be done. The program allows users to nominate or vote for their desired authors without any restrictions.

How Does The COPPA Book Awards Judge Books?
The public is invited to participate in the voting process, which contributes 35% of the total votes required for a candidate to win. Based on these votes, the board selects three authors from each category as award finalists. These finalists then submit hardcopies of their books for evaluation by a panel of respected judges, constituting the remaining 65% of the voting process.

Can I Withdrwa From The COPPA Book Awards?
Authors who choose not to continue participating in the program are free to withdraw without facing any consequences.

What Is The Chance of Me Winning The COPPA Book Award?
Every nominated author has an equal chance of winning The COPPA Book Award.

How Does The COPPA Book Awards Raise Money to Operate?
The COPPA Book Awards relies solely on sponsorships and partnerships to operate. Throughout the year, the initiative undertakes various fundraising initiatives. Additionally, ticket sales contribute to covering program and organizational expenses.

Is The COPPA Book Award Worth It?
If your goal as a writer is to expand your network and engage with fellow writers, readers, and the corporate community, the COPPA Book Awards Ceremony is the ideal event to attend.

What Is The Main Objective of The COPPA Book Awards Initiative?
The primary objective of The COPPA Book Awards Initiative is to promote and honor Zambian writers while fostering meaningful interactions between them and the broader community of readers, publishers, media outlets, businesses, and government entities. Please note that The COPPA Book Awards Initiative is not your investment.

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