The COPPA Book Awards Finalists Meet in Lusaka

In preparation for this year’s COPPA Book Awards, the finalists had a wonderful interaction meeting at East Park Mall in Lusaka.. This meeting was designed to provide them with a platform where they can get to know each other on a personal level and share ideas while showcasing their books.

The organizers of The COPPA Book Awards aim to provide authors with platforms where their writing artistry can be appreciated while promoting entrepreneurship and mental health. Authors are valued for sharing their work with the community, offering glimpses into their literary worlds. During this event, community members found time to pass through the venue and interacted with authors, some bought copies and shared contacts. This was indeed a building event for authors.

“Such a wonderful experience, although the beginning is always tough, we look forward to more of such events. Exposure and networking is all that we need,” added Mwansa Kapungwe, a finalist in the Health Book Category.

However, some authors struggled to sell books and lamented the low sales.

“Despite our best intentions, lackluster marketing efforts left the book sale struggling to attract eager readers,” said Kripa Aiyar, a finalist in the Women & Gender Book Category.

Some readers purchased books by Mwansa Agness Chungu, Molly Kumar, Shalom Zumba, Zion Chisenga and others.

The finalists will journey to The Copperbelt for The COPPA Book Awards ceremony scheduled for May 31st in Kitwe at the Link Conference Center. The ceremony expected to host various individuals from different sectors and works of life. Winners will be awarded and honored during this ceremony. If you planning on attending the ceremony ensure to secure yourself a ticket by clicking here.

The exhibitors were Moses Tololo, Mwansa Kapungwe, Mariah Chongo, Kennedy Sishekanu, Joseph Gondwe, Daniel Banda, Shalom Zumba, Mwansa Agness Chungu, Kripa Aiyar, Mwansa Kapungwe, Steven Ariel Phiri, Zion Chisenga, Akabondo Simutanyi and Molly Kumar.

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