The COPPA Book Awards Initiative

What Is The COPPA Book Awards Initiative?

The COPPA BOOK Awards initiative is an annual program dedicated to celebrating and honouring Zambian writers across various genres, including fiction, entrepreneurship and business, health, and more. Beyond recognizing literary achievements, it serves as a platform for fostering meaningful conversations between authors and readers and addressing critical issues within the sector. This initiative also emphasizes the importance of mental health, community and social responsibility, and entrepreneurship in the writing community.


Founded by Jimmy Kayika and Lillian Chipeso, under Zambian ARTS Publications, the awards have garnered significant support from diverse entities, including companies, banks, and government ministries such as the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts and the Ministry of Local Government.

The 2023 Awards- The COPPA Book Awards 2023

Held at Link Conference Center in Kitwe, in its inaugural year in April 2023, the initiative successfully acknowledged and awarded 23 local authors from various regions of Zambia, including those based in other countries like South Africa. Notable sponsors, including NATSAVE Bank, Kitwe City Council, Daylight Business Radio, The Authorship and Careers Network (ACN), HYPE FM, Link Conference Centre, and others, played a crucial role in making the event a success.

Expectations for 2024 Awards

With increasing support from sponsors and institutions, anticipation for this year’s awards exceeds that of the previous edition. Organizers are working closely with companies, public figures, and the government of the Republic of Zambia to ensure the success of the upcoming award ceremony, maintaining the tradition of acknowledging and honouring exceptional authors. The COPPA Book Awards 2024 nomination entries will be announced on February 15, 2024, allowing the public and the entire literacy community to nominate their favourite authors. Subsequently, a list of nominated authors will be published for further processing.

Where & When Will The COPPA Book Awards 2024 Be Held?

The COPPA Book Awards Initiative is a program involving authors from across the country. Organizers carefully select locations conducive to all participants. Stay tuned for the announcement of this year’s grand event date and venue, coming soon.

How We Are Working

The organizers of the COPPA Book Awards initiative are currently implementing diverse strategies to engage more individuals and companies to support the initiative, aiming to enhance Zambia’s literary landscape through awards and recognition. Collaboration with various publishing houses and bookstores is underway to secure tangible support for the program. Drawing from the experiences and challenges of the previous year, the organizers are leveraging their knowledge to ensure that this year’s awards event surpasses expectations, aiming for a grander and more impactful celebration of Zambian literary talent.

The 2023 COPPA Book Awards Initiative received sponsorship from NATSAVE Bank, Daylight Business Radio, HYPE FM, Chatem Cafe, Kitwe City Council, Link Conference Center, The Authorship and Careers Network (ACN), Maybink, and several other generous supporters. We awarded 23 authors from various categories.

Want To Partner?

Please note that we are an inclusive community, extending a warm welcome to individuals and companies eager to support our initiative in any capacity. The COPPA Book Awards initiative serves as a valuable platform for companies to showcase their contributions to the community. Whether you’re interested in partnering with us or sponsoring us through services, financial contributions, or in-kind donations, please feel free to reach out to us by completing the form below. Your support, in whatever form it may take, is immensely valued. Thank you for contemplating a partnership with us.

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