Jimmy Kayika

A Visionary Zambian Writer, Entrepreneur, and Literary Advocate

Born in the heart of Zambia, Kitwe’s Chimwemwe Clinic, in 1996, Jimmy Kayika has emerged as a prominent figure in Zambia’s literary landscape. An award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and visionary founder of Zambian ARTS Publications, Kayika has become a driving force behind the growth of publishing, marketing, and book distribution in the country.

Educational Journey

Jimmy Kayika’s educational journey began at Kamatipa Basic School, where he completed his primary education. His quest for knowledge led him to the North-western province of Zambia, specifically Solwezi district, where he pursued his junior and secondary level education at Solwezi Day Secondary School. This foundational education played a crucial role in shaping Kayika’s character and intellectual curiosity.

University Years and Passion for Spoken Word Poetry

Jimmy Kayika continued his academic pursuits at The Copperbelt University in Kitwe. It was during his university years that he discovered his passion for spoken-word poetry, a unique art form that would later define his identity. Known for his exceptional talent, Jimmy quickly rose to prominence as one of the best spoken-word poets at the university.

The Birth of the Zambian ARTS Poetry Organization

Inspired by his love for poetry, Kayika founded The Zambian ARTS Poetry Organization, aiming to provide local poets with platforms for live and active poetry presentations. As the organization evolved, it transformed into Zambian ARTS Publications, solidifying its position as one of Zambia’s fastest-growing publishing houses.

Publishing Success and Literary Impact

Under Jimmy Kayika’s leadership, Zambian ARTS Publications has published over 1,000 books for Zambian authors. Beyond mere publication, Kayika has been instrumental in assisting authors with marketing and exposure, both locally and on the international stage. His dedication has contributed to the success of numerous authors, with several receiving prestigious awards, including consecutive wins at the National NGOMA Awards.

Promoting Reading Culture and Entrepreneurship

In his pursuit of promoting literature, Kayika works closely with authors to foster a vibrant reading and writing culture in Zambia. His visionary approach extends beyond literature, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship and financial freedom among the literary community.

The COPPA Book Awards Initiative

One of Jimmy Kayika’s significant contributions to the literary scene is the initiation of the COPPA Book Awards. The inaugural ceremony, held in 2023 at the Link Conference Centre, marked a historic moment in Zambian literature. This annual awards initiative serves to recognize and honour outstanding Zambian writers across various categories. The program has garnered support from esteemed sponsors, including Central African Baptist University (CABU), NATSAVE Bank Plc, Daylight Business Radio, HYPE FM, and others.

Jimmy Kayika’s journey from a passionate university student to a key player in Zambia’s literary and entrepreneurial landscape is evident in his vision, determination, and commitment to fostering creativity and literary excellence. Today, he continues to inspire and empower the next generation of Zambian writers, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s cultural and literary heritage.

Books by Jimmy Kayika

Jimmy Kayika, a seasoned author of three books, has successfully penetrated both the Zambian and international markets with his three acclaimed books. Specializing in the realms of romance and poetry, Kayika’s literary journey began with “Dear Elizabeth,” a poignant poetry collection dedicated to his mother. Following this, he captivated readers with “The Collection for Huldah,” another exquisite poetry compilation deeply rooted in emotion. His most recent work, “Venus,” published in 2023, has earned the prestigious recognition of being one of the top three poetry books of the year, according to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Arts under the National Arts Council (NAC). This accolade follows the book’s earlier achievement of securing a spot in the top three poetry books of 2023 at the esteemed National NGOMA Awards.

Name: Jimmy Kayika
Age: 27
Status: Single
Number of books written: 3
Occupation: Writer, Publisher, Editor and Designer
Company: Zambian ARTS Publications
Country: Zambia.
Awards and Nominations: NGOMA Awards, Mwape Peer Awards, COPPA Book Awards.

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