Marketing Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Zambian ARTS platform, your gateway to showcasing and selling your hardcopies or digital books. Our website serves as a marketplace for authors, providing an avenue to promote and distribute your works locally and internationally. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines and terms:

Marketing Refund Policy

You have selected a Web-Book Setup Service. Zambian ARTS Publications does not offer refunds in line with our marketing services.

Terms of Marketing

Zambian ARTS Publications and its partners shall market authors’ book projects under the following terms:

  • A marketing period shall run only for a defined period of time as stated on the package selected.
  • Under this package, Zambian ARTS does not deduct any commission from sales. All returns are directed to the author.
  • Zambian ARTS Publications shall only cover works ordered and paid for by the client
  • Works shall only begin upon a full payment of a quoted amount.
  • The success of a book project is influenced by market factors. Consequently, Zambian ARTS Publications cannot be held responsible for any poor performance of a book project in the market.
  • Authors are required to submit digital designs of their book covers, along with a synopsis and the author’s biography, which should match the information on the book cover. Additionally, authors must provide three high-definition images of themselves, an active email address, a phone number, and a WhatsApp number.
  • For eBooks, authors must submit the digital format of their book.
  • Zambian ARTS Publications shall have the right to thoroughly review the book to ensure it’s in line with public safety and conduct rules of our operations before approving it to be set on the website.

Types of Books Accepted:
Sell any legally approved genre or type of book in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Zambia. Refer to the country’s marketing guidelines and our public safety and conduct rules for further details. Both hardcopies and eBooks are welcome on the Zambian ARTS website.

Quality Standards:
We strongly encourage authors to market high-quality content for optimal results. Poorly printed or written materials may be negatively reviewed, impacting their sales potential.

How It Works:
To initiate the sale of your book(s) on the Zambian ARTS website, create an account by submitting your details, address, email, and other required information. Once your account is set up and your book approved, we will make your book project(s) available for public purchase.

Payment Process for Hardcopy Books:
Upon customer orders, you will receive an email containing details such as the book ordered, the customer’s name, email, address, and phone number. Sellers are responsible for contacting customers, arranging delivery, and collecting both the book price and shipping cost before dispatch. Payment methods are negotiable between the seller and the buyer.

Delivery Timeframe:
Authors are required to dispatch books to customers within 2 working days upon receiving payment, as per Zambian ARTS guidelines.

Assistance from Zambian ARTS:
Authors who are unable to manage the selling process can opt for a project management package with Zambian ARTS. By sending a specific number of hardcopies to our offices in Kitwe, an account will be created for order tracking. Zambian ARTS will handle book transportation and customer interactions, with royalties sent to the authors. This incurs an extra cost.

Commission Structure:
The selected marketing package does not incur commissions from Zambian ARTS.

By making a payment or submitting the project, the client acknowledges and accepts these terms.

Book Pricing:
In the Zambian ARTS market, authors have the flexibility to set prices for their books within suggested pricing tiers. The platform provides a recommended pricing list based on the nature of the book:


  • From 10 pages to 30 pages: K15
  • From 15 pages to 75 pages: K30
  • From 75 pages to 150 pages: K50
  • From 150 pages and above: K75

Hardcopies can be priced within five ranges on the Zambian ARTS website:

  1. K100
  2. K150
  3. K200
  4. K250
  5. K300

Authors are encouraged to choose a pricing range that aligns with the value of their book to optimize sales efficiency.

Copyrights & Security

Zambian ARTS Publications will exclusively market books authored by individuals with whom they have entered into direct contracts. Author representatives must secure written permission from the original author or the publisher of the book.