A Step Into “The Ancestral Codex”

“The Ancestral Codex” by the accomplished Zambian author, Mr. Soyapi Mapulanga, stands as a testament to his diverse professional journey, from a human capital executive in Panama to his roots in Lusaka, Zambia. Fueled by a profound passion for history and a commitment to preserving African knowledge, Mapulanga’s writings are captivating and dedicated to celebrating and safeguarding Africa’s rich heritage for future generations. Published by Zambian ARTS Publications, this exceptional addition to the literary landscape distinguishes itself with rare content, making it an invaluable treasure in today’s saturated market.

Embarking on a profound journey, “The Ancestral Codex” delves into the wisdom of diverse African civilizations and communities, with a significant focus on emotional intelligence. The book applies the timeless principles of ancient cultures to contemporary challenges, unravelling concepts such as Ma’at’s harmony, Yoruba principles for relationships, Ubuntu’s interconnectedness, and Imhotep’s “One People, One World” message. By immersing readers in these teachings, the book imparts the ability to cultivate empathy, compassion, and understanding, facilitating meaningful connections and self-discovery. “The Ancestral Codex” serves as a guiding light for transformative quests, celebrating the interconnected wisdom of ancient Africa and offering invaluable lessons for personal growth and the creation of a more compassionate world.

In its initial release, the book has achieved remarkable success with hundreds of sales, securing a place in various bookstores and expanding its reach to international markets, including Mozambique, Botswana, and the USA. Priced at only K200, this remarkable book is readily available at Zambian Bookworld Stores, as well as through Amazon and the Zambian ARTS website. Seize the opportunity to acquire this enlightening work that transcends borders and cultures, contributing to the collective wisdom of humanity.

An Insightful Conversation with Frank Mutubila

In a captivating 17-minute dialogue, author Soyapi Mapulanga engages in a thought-provoking conversation with veteran journalist Frank Mutubila. The duo delves into various insights surrounding the essence of “The Ancestral Codex” and the inspiration behind the author’s chosen direction in crafting this literary masterpiece.

An interview with veteran journalist Frank Mutubila.

During the interview, Frank Mutubila shares his intuitive thoughts, highlighting the exceptional nature of the book’s cover design—a unique element that distinguishes the project. The author, Soyapi Mapulanga, envisioned the cover as a powerful expression of the book’s core themes. The design serves as a visual representation of the profound wisdom and interconnected narratives found within “The Ancestral Codex.”

Book cover designed by Jimmy Kayika for Zambian ARTS Publications.

For an in-depth exploration of the book’s concepts and the author’s creative process, viewers are encouraged to watch this enlightening video. Gain valuable insights into the thought-provoking journey undertaken by Soyapi Mapulanga in bringing “The Ancestral Codex” to life, as discussed with the seasoned perspective of Frank Mutubila. Explore the depth of inspiration and creativity that shaped this literary work by tuning in to this engaging conversation.

Kindly be informed that “The Ancestral Codex” by Soyapi Mapulanga has been both published and printed in Zambia under the auspices of Zambian ARTS Publications.


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