20 Secrets of Academic Success for Mothers (Hardcopy)- Author: Margaret Kapansa Lesa


This book explores the profound challenge of balancing motherhood, spousal responsibilities, and a career, emphasizing the arduous journey women undertake to achieve personal goals. The author, addressing the reader directly, highlights the transformative power of unwavering faith, serving as both inspiration and encouragement for women navigating life’s demands.


This book delves into the profound challenge of harmonizing the roles of motherhood, spousal responsibilities, and a career. Amidst the inevitable difficulties, every woman nurtures aspirations and dreams of accomplishing something remarkable or pursuing personal goals before the twilight of life. The journey is arduous, demanding reliance on the grace of God to navigate life’s complexities and attain academic success. Addressing the reader directly, the author underscores the transformative power of belief, asserting that with unwavering faith as the driving force, any endeavour becomes possible. Serving as both inspiration and encouragement, this work resonates as a guide for women navigating the intricate demands of life, offering a poignant narrative that speaks to the resilience and potential inherent in every woman’s journey.


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